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The results of my first Sketch Tuesday! I had another piece, of a sloth in a spacesuit drifting serenely among the stars, but I forgot to snap a picture of it before someone bought it. Lesson learned (and there are worse problems to have).

I had a lot of fun being amongst other artists, doin’ what we do. I’ve never really had an artsy community (let alone a cartoony community), so the fact that I’m starting to enter one here in San Francisco is super exciting.

It had been a long while since I’d worked with any traditional media other than pencil (I bought a set of pens specifically for this event) so I had to readjust to a few things (namely crosshatching and the irreversibility of mistakes). I plan to get my hands on some Tria markers before next month’s Sketch Tuesday so I can add a few fills (I do love me some contrast noses).

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